Financial Management

Aalis helps clients deliver value through performance by assisting with the management of financial resources to ensure desired outcomes and compliance standards, resulting in maximum return on investment. With a thorough understanding of the Federal Performance System and the entire Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution (PPBE) cycle, we guide or support our clients past the critical challenges that face Federal managers today such as rapidly emerging scenarios, tighter budgets and cross-agency coordination.

We provide the full range of financial and performance management support services essential to government clients as they plan and execute their portfolios, investments and projects. From implementing PPBE cycles, to OMB’s performance management framework, we partner with our clients each step of the way. With full knowledge of government financial, legal and regulatory frameworks and systems (OMB A-11, OMB A-123), we are able to support the efficient and compliant allocation of funds.


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