Aalis offers superior performance in every major functional area of logistics management. With our institutional knowledge, use of analytic tools and techniques, as well as our integration of highly specialized competencies and skill sets, we help the government streamline its supply chain so that an organization acquires essential materials and services in a timely manner to achieve goals.

Aalis provides expert logistics operations advice, assistance and guidance to the Department of Defense (DoD). Our extensive capabilities include providing independent contractor support services to broaden the scope of expertise and intellectual resources the DoD can bring to critical issues, processes and technology evaluation associated with delivery of transformational logistics capabilities. We help the DoD achieve this while sustaining federal and combat readiness objectives. Aalis also provides administrative support services for all facets of Supply Chain Management.


Supply Chain Management

Aalis Management provides the logistics management resources, tools, and information to improve your competitive advantage in the marketplace.

  • Warehouse Management

  • Transportation Management

  • Supply Chain Strategy


Our proven process help you to define long-term business objectives while developing the supply chain infrastructure to support your goals. 

Supply Chain Diagnostics

  • Establish supply chain operations processes internal and outsourced

  • Develop metrics to monitor performance

  • Analyze each part of the total supply chain process from the sourcing of products through the distribution channels to the end consumer

  • Create and implement programs that drive cost savings through cycle time reduction

  • Requirements gathering to deliver comprehensive Request for Proposals (RFP)

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